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A Note From The Pastor

Thank you - THANK YOU! - for visiting us online. I'm so glad you're here. I love being a pastor. And I love pastoring this church. And I'll tell you why. As a pastor, I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer, because He saves us completely. He forgives all our past sins, enables us to overcome the sins that wreck our lives, and - one day - will save us from the very presence of sin, when those who believe in Him join Him in eternity. We call that place "heaven."

Why do I love pastoring this church? I've never in my life met people like the ones I'm blessed to serve as pastor here. Kind, generous, warm, gentle and loving... incredible people. I can't believe I get to be here. If I weren't a pastor, I'd still choose Grace Church for myself and my family!

If I were you, I'd run - not walk - and join us at Grace Church. I know you'll find this to be the very place you're looking for. And I pray you'll find me to be the kind of pastor that will help you find and follow Jesus.

That's really the point, isn't it? :)

-Pastor Joe

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